Skiff Mail is shutting down
Ep. 08

Skiff Mail is shutting down

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Welcome to This Week in Privacy Episode 8. This show is hosted by Privacy Guides team member Jonah Aragon and published by Privacy Guides, a non-profit which researches and shares privacy-related information, and facilitates a community on our forum and Matrix where people can ask questions and get advice about staying private online and preserving their digital rights.

Privacy Guides Updates

Unfortunately, Skiff Mail was removed from Privacy Guides’s email provider recommendations earlier today, following their announcement that they are being acquired by Notion and shutting down their platform in 6 months.

If you currently use Skiff Mail for your email mailbox or aliasing service, you should switch to another provider such as Proton or as soon as possible. Obviously, this was not the expectation for Skiff Mail when we added them to the website last year.

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